Most Mortgage Lenders have it all WRONG when it comes to their customer acquisition…

They focus on visibility… They spend their time chasing… They don't track their acquisition costs...


Your strategy should be focusing on the following:

  • Growing Leads
  • Growing Sales
  • Building Referral Relationships
  • Making Profit


Tyson Knauf specializes in none traditional, highly effective ways to start high value conversations for Mortgage Lenders.

He Accomplishes this by focusing his online marketing skills to help Lenders implement proven lead and sales acquisition models into their business.


Tyson Knauf is an expert at starting conversations with the right referral partners and the right prospects.  This expertise has allowed him to help mortgage lenders to turn flighty Realtors into eager prospective partners and cut wasted Ad spend to immediately increase and even double their profits.

By focusing his client's advertising to only those people that are actively searching for mortgage solutions through multiple channels online and by implementing a proven Realtor outreach and follow-up system, his clients have enhanced their leads while cutting ad spend by 25-75%.  He has also brought his lenders to the point of meeting with an average of 5-10 new Realtors per week.


Photo of Tyson Knauf


Most Lenders don’t realize they are paying sometimes 4x what they should be for online leads that are shared with their competitors on a first come first serve basis.  In addition, most online advertisers are paying to advertise to the haystack on single channels like facebook or google, instead of advertising only to the needles through multiple avenues.

Using a revolutionary proprietary technology Tyson is able to find and track people by name that are online researching their mortgage options.  With this data, we then set up omnipresence advertising campaigns geared toward just those individuals.

By taking this focused approach we've been generating qualified leads that get to know and trust you personally through your multiple informative ads so that when they request a call from you, they are requesting it from you specifically and not a pool of lenders you compete with.  This has allowed us to often to reduce advertising costs by 25-75% and at the same time often doubling the number of prospective borrowers requesting a meeting.


Most Lenders know they have to follow-up at least 7 times before a Realtor is willing to meet, but they don't have a system in place that will allow them the time to do it.

LinkedIn is a great tool to meet and network, but most people don't know how to take a relationship beyond "John is a new connection".  Tyson has found a way to not only find those realtors in your 2nd-degree connection network, he has found a way get them to the point where you're meeting with 5-10 of those realtors every week.


If you are a mortgage broker spending thousands on online advertising, or are tired of chasing Realtors but know you need them to grow, Tyson has the ability to very quickly show you where you are making mistakes and how to correct it.

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